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Aerial View of Barren Land

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Aerial View of Barren Land

Why are we here?

Our purpose is to inspire understanding of the social, cultural, and artistic significance of quilts, with an emphasis on African American quilts.  Our goal is to document, research, and preserve African American quilt history through data collection and collaboration with local, state, and national societies and museums.

Lillie Van Causey Futch, 1903 -1965, Summit, Mississippi

by A'donna Richardson (2018)

Pattern: The Dress, by Laura Heine

These masks are sold as a personal pledge to support my church during the pandemic.  All proceeds will go to the Sunday School and Youth Programs.


Masks are constructed with a flannel and HEPA allergen panel, sewn between two cotton fabrics for four layers of protection.  What is in the shop is what is available.  The masks constantly change as they are made and sold.

Most, but not all, are one of a kind or in limited quantities.



A'donna Richardson

was born and raised in Tacoma, WA, and became a quilter after retiring from the United States Air Force and Civil Service. Within a few years my interests expanded to the study of quilts their ties to America's social and cultural history.

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