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Quilter's Showcase

Freedom Bound! Quilt, c. 2020

This amazing Block of the Month quilt tells the story of a slave master having 8 children by one of his slaves, Hannah Cummings.



 Made by Ms. Ann Brown of Tacoma, WA.  She made this in her 2nd year of quilting for her eldest son.  It is 97" x 97" finished size.

A black and white beauty, named...


Made by Ms. Ann Walker of Tacoma, WA., queen size, c. 2020

Ms. Walker was determine to learned how to quilt.  She remembers her mother, Ms. Rosalee and grandmother, Ms. Annie quilting on a frame hung from the ceiling when she was a young girl.  It took her and a friend 3 weeks to complete and hand tie this black and white beauty she so loving named, Family Ties.  Ms. Walker will be 90 years old this coming June and is already planning her next quilt. 

Black, White, & Green

African American Christmas

Quilt, c. 2020

A Bargello patterned quilt made by Deborah Chambers.  Deborah always tries to incorporate African print fabrics into each quilt she makes, no matter the pattern or design.​

Simply stunning!


Made by Deborah Chambers of Tacoma, Wa. 

Pattern Design: Bargello 

Railroad Quilt, c. 2018

Black slave women became highly skilled by spinning, sewing, weaving, and quilting in plantation owners' households.  Before the end of slavery, slave quilts were used for the Underground Railroad to mark escape routes and safe houses for runaway slaves.


Made by Annie Ruth Brown of Tacoma, Wa. 

Pattern Design: Under Ground Railroad Sampler,

Quilt in a Day, by Eleanor Burns and

Sue Bouchard

Annie's quilt was on display at the Tacoma Arts Museum for Black History Month (2019).

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